Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find a selection of the most commonly asked questions. We have a free 8 page booklet available for all new and exisiting clients going into further detail on who we are and how we clean. All new customers are given a booklet unless they request otherwise. If you have a question that is not listed then please contact us



Regular Cleaning

We pride ourselves on being reliable. We soon learned that customers require a reliable service as this was their biggest complaint with their last cleaner. Each cleaner uses their own personal dedicated window cleaning planner to manage their own jobs. 95% of our customers are cleaned on a 5 to 6 weekly basis & we do offer other cycles as well however 5 to 6 weeks is the best value. With the invention of the water fed pole system windows naturally stay cleaner longer so if we are running late by a few days customers don't notice because windows are not filthy. If we are going to be exceptionally late we will contact where possible customers who are going to affected.



All Round Year Cleaning (Excluding Holidays & Bank Holidays)

We clean all year round including during the winter months. Unless pre arranged we generally do not clean on bank holidays and over the last week in December. Our last working day of the year is usually December 24th and we finish earlier, returning to work at the beginning of January the next year.



Will I Need An Outside Tap ?

We can only use pure water to wash and rinse window units. This water is transported inside our vans in Grippatank Crash Tested Systems and delivered via the same system with ultra light weight carbon poles.



Why Are My Windows All Wet ?

The windows on your property have been cleaned with pure water. The water left is 100% pure as the dirt has been rinsed away and your windows/uPVC frames will dry to a spotless finish.


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How Do We Know You Have Cleaned Our Property ?

Lgb Vision will always leave a payment slip for you, this slip contains information on how to pay your bill. You can also pay at the end of the clean if you're present.




Oh yes! British weather! We can if we wanted clean in torrential rain, wind, snow and sub zero conditions. The water fed pole system is a completely different method to traditional window cleaning. We have full information on our website of our rain guarantee but here is a brief explanation. Rain does not make your windows dirty, dirt does! When we are cleaning and it's raining. The dirt has been scrubbed off and rinsed away. The water used for cleaning is pure water (000ppm). Rain water has a general reading of between 001 to 007ppm but the rain water does not contain chlorine or added chemicals from the water board. So any rain hitting the glass will just dry normally as the dirt has already been scrubbed away. We are that confident we offer a 24hr rain guarantee. No questions, no quibbles, no worries.


text reminder

Text Reminder

We can if you wish send an automated text the night before at 7pm for access issues or to simply inform you we are coming to clean the windows, this text comes from a computer so replies are not possible. Please save your window cleaners number for any direct contact. Please note the text message is not an invitation to cancel the clean for the following day as per our terms and conditions we require 48 hrs notice to cancel a clean except in emergencies.


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Locked Gates

Sometimes you may forget to leave the gate open for us. We will do our best to clean all the windows still as each window cleaner carries special ladders to gain access over gates safely. Sometimes it may not be possible to climb over for various reasons so we will charge a percentage of your normal price depending on what has been cleaned.



Skylights / Velux Windows

Where possible we will always clean these for the customer. However due to the angle and the design we cannot guarantee the results. The main issue is getting enough pressure at the brush head to clean the window not the height or distance.




On very rare occasions some windows and doors can leak. Usually it's older windows, dirty seals or worn hinges on the windows. Usually the window cleaner will spot leaks straight away and will inform the customer. If you have any suppositions then please inform your cleaner.  As mentioned though its a very rare occasion.


georgian bar window in bedfordshire

Georgian Bars

Most new build developments will incorporate georgian style windows. The plastic georgian bars are stuck to the glass using either tape or glue. Construction dust, debris and even poorly fitted bars can all contribute to them falling off. Where possible we refit free of charge for our customers if any happen to come adrift.


open window

Open Windows

We can normally safely close most windows and clean as normal and some windows we can even clean whilst still open. Sometimes it may not be possible to close or clean an open window so we will charge a percentage of your normal price depending on what has been cleaned.



Transaction Error

We use a dedicated window cleaning software program to plan, track and record our cleaning. Sometimes we may miss a payment in the bank account and put a bill through informing you that the last clean is outstanding, if this does happen don’t worry simply drop your cleaner a message and he/she can investigate.



Method Of Payment

Our preferred method of payment is Gocardless as it’s an ideal payment system for window cleaning. In a nut shell we simply turn up, clean the windows, leave a payment slip and then payment is collected 5-7 days later via Direct Debit. The advantage of this system is the payment is ONLY authorised if we have cleaned the windows! We also accept BACS payments, cash, cheque, card, pingit and paypal although some methods incur an additional fee. Gocardless has reduced administration which is reflected in the price we charge to clean your house.



Terms & Conditions

The world is changing and so has window cleaning. Do you have to sign a contract, NO! Will you ever have to sign one from us, NO! We will turn up, clean the windows on a regular basis to an excellent standard and at a competitive price. We clean all year round and we do clean in the rain. In return we ask you to try to remember to leave gates open, call or text your window cleaner with any relevant new information and of course pay in a reasonable time frame.




We are confident that you will find the standard of our work exceptional and customer satisfaction is our priority. If you do feel that you need to complain please contact your window cleaner directly as soon as possible. To avoid any embarrassment and wasted time (For both parties) please ensure that any marks in question are not on the inside of the glass. Your window cleaner will handle complaints directly but he/she may also ask Lgb Vision for advice if it’s a problem they haven’t encountered before. If you wish to cancel then we simply ask for it in writing and with at least 48 hrs notice. An email, letter or even a text message is perfectly acceptable as long as there is a date and address.


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Recommend Us

We offer a simple reward scheme which always goes down well with our customers. Simply recommend us to a friend, family member or neighbour and you will receive a free clean when they become a regular customer.

Terms and conditions do apply.

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