Lgb Vision Across Bedfordshire

Welcome to Lgb Vision, we're very proud to say that we currently clean clients properties across a large part of Bedfordshire and our window cleaning service is second to none. We constantly strive to be the best and believe that our reputation is testament to that as we are the number 1 go to company right across the region.

Lgb provide regular window cleaning services over a large part of the county and our other services like conservatory cleaning, gutter clearing, uPVC, solar panel, driveway, soffit and fascia cleaning see us even further afield covering an even greater area right across Bedfordshire and beyond.




Some of our favourite houses are dotted around Bedford. Our van designs were designed locally in Bedford, we use this town where possible for all our business needs. We have houses and commercial properties all over the town and love working in Bedford. New builds, renovated beauties or just simply terraced houses in the prime minsters area. Read More... 



Bedford Aspires

An absolutely massive new area for us. We assumed we wouldn't be able to build a round in this area due to being a late comer. It seems that there was an opening for a regular, reliable window cleaning company to pick up the pieces. One of our fastest growing areas all thanks to recommendations from residents who live on this tucked away new development. Read More... 


Biggleswade Areas Covered


We have always had a small selection of customers in Biggleswade but never what we would call a lot. 2016 has seen our rounds increase by 10 fold. All thanks to the new houses being built in Kings Reach Biggleswade. Many houses on this development are 3 stories which is no problem for our water fed pole system. We still clean windows all over Biggleswade including commercial premises. Read More... 




One of our favourite areas as the residents all seem to be so lovely. We have a massive range of houses ranging from new builds right through to commercial properties. We even use the very popular car wash to have our vans cleaned if we're extremely busy. Read More...


Bromham Areas Covered


By far our biggest area to date. We clean a staggering 516 homes at our last count. One van usually goes to Bromham every day to clean windows and maybe another carrying out other services we offer. We clean both domestic and commercial properties in Bromham. Our nickname for this village is Monopoly village as there are only 7 roads left where we don't have a customer in it! Read More...




With the new Bedford's Western bypass open cleaning windows in Clapham, Bedford has never been easier. We had a small round in Clapham but additional houses in Kings Fields and just off Bromham Road has seen our rounds double in recent months. New build houses like our water fed pole system due to flushing dirt out on every clean from nearby building works. Read More... 


Clifton Areas Covered


We have driven through Clifton for years to gain access to other villages nearby so its with a huge smile that we can give something back to the community, lovely clean windows. We now have a lovely pocket of customers who appreciate professionally cleaned windows. We clean a wide range of homes and businesses including new houses built in 2017, our Clifton round is fast expanding! 


Cranfield Areas Covered


Lgb Vision is now well established in Cranfield as new homes has seen our rounds rapidly expand in 2016 and we couldn’t be happier. The drive over to Cranfield is always an enjoyable one and is almost like a secret village. We clean domestic houses and a few small commercial premises in Cranfield and currently operate on a 5 or 10 weekly cleaning cycle give or take a few days. Read More...


Great Barford Sign

Great Barford

With the addition of a couple of new housing developments we have seen our Great Barford window cleaning round expand quite dramatically over the past few years. Frequencies of cleaning vary due to vans passing nearby everyday so we can match apperance vs Budget. The water fed pole system is ideal for customers living on Bedford Road, Roxton Road or even the High Street. Read More... 


Great Denham Areas Covered

Great Denham

300 Customers and counting! Yes that's right we clean over 300 customers on a regular basis in Great Denham. We can be found cleaning on every road within the village and also helping to keep windows on independent and national shops clean. Whether you have a one bed maisonette or a lovely 5 bed 2 story detached house we're the company to call! Read More... 



A brand new area for Lgb Vision Window Cleaning in 2016. With Haynes being so close to other villages we clean in it made an obvious choice for us when normally we would turn down potential new customers. At present we only offer an 8 weekly window cleaning service in Haynes and we cannot see this changing. All the customers we have picked up have commented on how clean the frames are compared to traditional window cleaning. Read More...

Marston Moretaine Areas covered

Marston Moretaine

With a huge increase in new customers in Cranfield due to new homes it made perfect sense for us to expand into this area. We have been welcomed with open arms as it seems there is a demand for a regular, reliable and trust worthy cleaning company which we most certainly are. We currently clean windows in the older parts of Marston Moretaine and on the new development by the A421. Read More...



Milton Earnest

Another new area for Lgb Vision in 2015. A one off job has led to a surge in recommendations and now a small collection of houses we clean on a regular basis. We are really excited for the development of this area as everybody loves the drive over to clean here.




Although we cover most parts of Bedford this area has never seen us cleaning loads of houses. A simple quotation has lead to 6 new customers in a row! Every single customer has been looking for the water fed pole system and we were only too happy to oblige. We clean on a large selection of cycles so we can meet most customers needs in this area.




We have been cleaning windows and providing other services in Shefford from the very beginning of Lgb Vision. The water fed pole system was introduced to our customers in these areas in 2010. We're happy to report the customers are very satisfied with the results and the huge amount of new recommendations proves what an excellent system it is. Read More...




Shortstown, New Cardington and the established Cardington is slowly becoming a huge community. Lgb Vision Window Cleaning offers a reliable, friendly and consistent window cleaning service and we clean a variety of houses, flats and apartments spread out all over the area. We have even worked at the Cardington hangers during filming of several box office smash hits! Read More... 




Tempsford perfectly matches up with our rounds in Great Barford and Blunham. We clean on both sides of the A1 and we have various cycles depending on location.  With being so close to the A1 the water fed pole system is the perfect solution for clean windows. Frames and uPVC are cleaned every time so the window unit stays cleaner longer as there is no soap film for the traffic film to stick to. Read More...




Several vans pass through this village every day on the way to Bedford and surrounding areas. We currently clean a few unique houses in Willington, traditional houses and also the warm and welcoming public house The Crown . We have an established round which can be very accommodating to unusual frequencies or early/late appointment times. Read More...




We have a small selection of houses on the old part and the new part. We clean mainly 6 weekly but also have other options available due to the A6 linking up to other villages we clean in. The water fed pole works in harmony on both sides of the A6. Providing a deeper clean on dusty new build or keeping windows cleaner longer due to increased cycles requested by residents in the quiet village.




2016 sees us returning to Wootton on a regular basis to clean windows on the new developments and the existing village. We did have several large rounds in the area but Damien’s accident in 2006 saw us having to shrink our rounds. With the use of Water Fed Poles Damien returned to the industry and this year saw us pick up some old customers. 

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