Copyright & The Law !

We have spent thousands of hours creating a new website for 2017 with updated pictures and content. Over the years we have seen various sites and even local competitors steal information from our site and plagiarize the text. We understand that there are only so many ways of writing about window cleaning and other services. To have content copied from our site and then passed off as someone's else's is about the lowest form of stealing. We have decided that as of 2017 we will be hiring two plagiarism services to fully protect our site and content. Just because the content is on the internet does not mean its free to copy. Copyright is to protect everyone.

Name & Shame !

We will contact the company who has copied our content or pictures and advise of where the original information/image can be found. With the use of index archives we are able to prove which content was on the internet first. Take down notices, compensation and a penalty from google are all at our disposable. If the warnings fall on deaf ears then we will proceed to name and shame the company in our area or in their area if they are not local. 

Hall Of Fame !


List correct as of 1st January 2017