Public Liability Insurance

Lgb Vision clean a lot more than just windows. You may be surprised to know that standard window cleaning insurance generally doesn't cover you for the glass you're working on so if you scratch a window or damage a frame the insurance company would not pay out. We are fully insured for every service we offer and the item we are working on. Accidents do happen so every professional cleaning company needs insurance. Some small items can break and generally we will just offer to replace the item, ie: pots, solar panel lights, small pottery items etc. Below is a list of all the main benefits of the insurance company that we use and a brief look at some of the services we are covered for.

Damage To Property Being Worked On.
Treatment Risks.
Loss Of Customers Keys.
Failure To Secure Customers Premises.
Employee Dishonesty/Fidelity Bonding.
Misuse Of Customer's Telephones.
Commercial Property Cleaning Including Soft Furnishings.
Conservatory Cleaning.
Contract Cleaning.
Domestic Property Cleaning.
End Of Tenancy Cleaning.
Gutter Cleaning (Inc Gutter Vacuum System).
Pressure Washing Up to 3,600 psi.
Window Cleaning Including Soffits, Fascia And Frames.
Solar Panel Cleaning.