Rain Guarantee

Most people would cringe at the thought of their window cleaner cleaning in the rain as it may be considered pointless and a waste of money.

Lgb Vision converted the way it cleaned windows from the traditional method to the use of the water fed pole system in 2010. With this in mind we could clean in torrential rain and guarantee the results. Let's look at the two systems very briefly and compare the two.

Water Fed Pole

This system cleans with pure water and no chemicals. The glass, frames and sills are cleaned and then rinsed with only pure water. The window unit is allowed to air dry and will dry perfect.


With the use of an applicator and squeegee the glass is cleaned with a mixture of soap and water. Any detailing that is needed is completed with a cloth. The sills and frames are wiped over and most of the dirt is removed.


The difference is hard to spot between the two once the cleaning has been completed. The surface of the glass and frames is what is important. The glass and frames will have a soapy or greasy film left behind from traditional methods. When it rains the rain will react with a micro thin layer causing dirty spots.

Imagine pouring some fairy washing up liquid on the floor and allowing it to dry. Then in a few days time pour some water on the same patch. You will see a reaction between the soap and water. Essentially this is what happens with traditional window cleaning when it rains.

Rain water and pure water are almost the same in purity. Rain water does not make windows dirty it's the likes of bird droppings, flies, dust, pollen and spiders just to name some of the causes.

Avoiding having your windows washed in wet weather, which is especially during the winter months is now not a problem due to the advancement in window cleaning technology.

If you have any further questions about the "Lgb Rain Guarantee" then please contact us here.