Photo Quotations 

WhatsApp is a free application or "App" if you will to provide communication across a wide ranges of devices. The reason why Lgb Vision uses WhatsApp is because of the ability to send free photos* via the app. Many customers have access to their own wifi at home so why not get the most benefit from it. Simply send your messages to 07872 563 843 with whatever you require quoting on and ideally a selection of photos from different angles/views. If we require more photos then we will simply reply with the information we require. With this in mind we should be able to provide a free quotation via text message or WhatsApp. This saves valuable time for both parties and usually can be reflected in the price of the quotation. It also provides a handy comparison for the client to keep after we have finished any cleaning. 

Simple, Secure, Reliable Messaging 

If you would like more information on this application further details can be found here. Currently the application works on the following devices;

Mac or Windows PC.
Windows Phone.

*Subject to device and data charges if not connected to free or paid wifi.