Window Cleaning In Sandy

Window Cleaning In Sandy

Although one of our bases is in Sandy believe it or not most of our window cleaning work is outside of our home town. This is something we're proactively looking to change this year and we have already started to notice a difference with the volume of new quotation requests we receive. So if you're in the Sandy area of Bedfordshire and you're looking for a professional window cleaner please get in touch today!

Domestic Window Cleaning

We clean windows on a selection of houses that are dotted all over Sandy. Whether its a new house or an established 1930's style semi we can accommodate any style, shape or size of domestic property. Our main areas for cleaning windows in Sandy are the Fallowfield development and close by to the town center itself. 2017 will see a big push for new customers and we hope to increase our busy rounds even further.

Commercial Window Cleaning

We have several retail shops, offices and takeaway establishments that we clean the windows on a regular basis. We generally specialise in large shops but we're more than happy to look at small independent retail shops. Please get in touch if you're looking for a window cleaner in the Sandy area or just simply looking for comparative quotes, our easy to fill out contact form can be be found here.

Other Services

Lgb Vision has provided more of our services in the Sandy area compared to actual window cleaning! This is something we hope to change as our latest new member of the Lgb Vision team lives in Sandy. Popular services include gutter clearing, conservatory roof cleaning and of course driveway cleaning. Lgb Vision carries out a large range of services which can be found here.

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