Window Cleaning In Shortstown

Window Cleaning In Shortstown

Are you looking for a professional window cleaner in Shortstown or maybe New Cardington ? Lgb Vision Window Cleaning offers a reliable, friendly and consistent window cleaning service in Shortstown and New Cardington which is close by. Due to the expansion of housing in this area we have decided to expand our already excellent customer base and are seeking customers who are looking for a professional window cleaning company. 

Domestic Window Cleaning

We have various homes and businesses we clean dotted around Shortstown and New Cardington. Shortstown has been built over various stages with different styles of houses/flats and apartments. We clean windows on the original side which dates back to the 1960s and also on the new development where construction is still taking place. Lgb Vision is able to clean all types of windows and sills. We can even restore concrete/stone sills back to their original colour using softwash techniques. We also have a few customers who live in three story homes and this height is not an issue for our window cleaners as we use the water fed pole system. At present we only offer an 8 weekly cycle as this seems to suit all customers from either side of the village.

Commercial Window Cleaning

Currently we only clean two commercial properties but we're keen to add clients to our ever expanding clientele. Please contact us today if your business needs a competitive quotation for window cleaning in Shortstown or New Cardington.

Other Services

Lgb Vision has carried out a vast array of services in Shortstown and some in New Cardington. Our most popular services for the area are gutter clearing and conservatory roof cleaning. We have also carried out several deep cleans in Shortstown where construction has fully stopped. We're usually able to restore tired frames back to brilliant white!

Find Out More Or Contact Lgb Vision Today !

If you would like to find out more information on how we clean windows including skylights and third story windows then please click here

To arrange a free no obligation quotation please fill out our contact from which can be found here. We're usually able to clean new customer within a few days of being contacted due to the sheer volume of customers we have in the area.