Window Cleaning In Biddenham

Window Cleaning In Biddenham

Lgb Vision has been cleaning windows in Biddenham for over 15 years. There was a distinct need for a professional window cleaning company in this area to provide an unbeatable service. We can be found cleaning in Deep Spinney, Biddenham Vale and Biddenham itself.

Domestic Window Cleaning

Biddenham has a range of houses ranging from new builds in the north right through to Grade 2 listed buildings in the south. We use the water fed pole system so frames, sills and doors are cleaned every time. Depending on the type of windows fitted to the property will depend on the type of brush used. Lgb Vision has the knowledge and equipment to clean all and any type of glass or frames. We have various frequency cycles and can be very accommodating due to the volume of customers we have in the area. 

Commercial Window Cleaning

If you're thinking of changing cleaning companies or just simply looking for comparative quotes please get it contact today! We clean schools, public houses, hospitals and even care homes. 

Other Services

We carry out a large selection of our services in Biddenham due to the diversity of properties located in and around the village. Our most popular service is pressure washing closely followed by our advanced gutter clearing service. Our favourite service is conservatory roof cleaning due to finding bespoke roof's hidden away in this sleepy village.  

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