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Now I know what you're thinking what has wasp nest treatment in the Bedford area got to do with window cleaning. Well let us quickly explain and you will understand why. A few years ago whilst cleaning a customers windows we found a wasp nest which was very aggressive. We informed the owner and recommend she contacted a pest control company. Before we had finished cleaning the house the company had arrived, treated the nest and the customer was a £120 lighter in her account. The customer thanked us for spotting the potentially lethal nest but said it was an expense she could have done without before the kids summer holidays. Now this got the gears whirring in our heads, not for the extra income but it was a service we could offer to our customers. So one member of Lgb Vision was trained and given the equipment to treat wasp nests. The only differences between using us and a pest control company is the cost and maybe the time frame in which the nest is treated. Some companies state they will attend that week we try to treat nests the same day!

Most people are scared of wasps including a few members of Lgb Vision and so they should be. Their sting can be painful and there have been cases of fatalities not necessarily connected to allergic reactions. If you are experiencing an abnormal amount of wasps or some times referred to as yellow jackets in your house, garden, shed, field, commercial premises it is likely that a wasp nest is nearby. Usually when we have milder weather around April, May or as late as June if the weather is particularly wet queen wasps come out of their hibernation homes which look like small brown golf balls. There first priority is to find a suitable place to build their nests. They often pick south facing gardens, houses, outbuildings, attics, wall cavities or generally anywhere which is dry and has sufficient space to start their nest. An example of a suitable place is an old slightly open quality street tin in a shed. This nest was destroyed and removed in 2012 and housed approx 2000 wasps. The area they build their nests in has to have easy access to the outdoors to build the nest.

Wasps construct their nests from chewed wood pulp and saliva. Untreated fence panels and garden furniture are in abundant supply to make their nests. A queen will start to build in the spring, beginning with a nest again about the size of a golf ball. The first hatchlings are nest builders and they take over nest construction. By summer a mature wasp nest can contain thousands of wasps and is only limited by the available space to build the nest.

The risk from wasps is particularly high towards the end of summer as this is when the nest is in full production. A queen wasp typically lays up to 100 eggs a day! The wasps are naturally more aggressive as they want the nest to fully mature also fruit which has fallen from trees disorientates the wasps as they are actually drunk which can lead to unusual activity.

Locating a wasp nest is usually easy as all you need to do is find and follow the flight path. There may be several flight paths similar to airports as some wasps are builders, foragers and protectors. Once you have located the flight path you will usually find a small hole or gap which is the entrance and exit to the nest. Do not be tempted to locate the actual nest as you may aggravate the protectors and cause pheromones to be released which could lead to a potential swarm attack.

Do not attempt DIY wasp nest treatment as this is how most fatalities occur. Soaking the nest with water or worst still throwing items at the nest should never be attempted. 

Lgb Pest Control offers a professional wasp nest service to safely treat wasps within your home, garden or office environment. Our service is fast, safe, effective and affordable. We have set price of £38 for treatment and each additional nest is an extra £10. Repeat treatments of the same nest are free of charge in case the first treatment is not fully successful. We are able to remove the nest but usually advise to leave it in place as wasps will be unable to use the nest next year and it prevents a new nest from being constructed. 

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