Window Cleaning Franchise

Window Cleaning Franchise 

Lgb Visions success is solely down to two things! The owner Damien who always gives the company 100% and the fact that Lgb Vision Window Cleaning is a franchise. The company has grown rapidly since we franchised the business in 2016 and we see no signs of our growth slowing or stopping, if anything it's only increasing. Find out how you can become part of Bedfordshires biggest window cleaning franchise and change your lifestyle forever.

How Does It Work?

Our window cleaning franchise package works very well and follows a simple business model, essentially we will help build your window cleaning round with no income limit operating under license of the Lgb Vision brand. The business model has been in place for 3 years already and in this time we have added 4 franchisees with number 5 and 6 on the cards now. You will need to invest some capital into a very low risk business with excellent growth and returns on your investment. We will be by your side throughout your journey helping you whenever you need it. Free thinking is encouraged but chances are we've tried it and it's been implemented or failed. A royalty fee is collected weekly or monthly on your turnover which is set in the window cleaning franchise agreement so there's no nasty increases in the percentage. The round will grow as an asset for yourself with the option to sell up or leave at any point in the agreement period. 

The Lifestyle Of A Window Cleaner

The lifestyle of a professional window cleaner has changed massively in the last few years all because of the water fed pole system. People are able to start a window cleaning business without ever needing to climb a ladder which has of course attracted a lot of newcomers to the industry. Your working hours and pay are completely your choice but a typical Lgb Vision Franchisee works around 30-35 hours a week and achieves a gross income of £900-£1200 and a net profit between £450-£750 a week. There is little admin to do and what admin you have to do is all done via a dedicated cloud based window cleaning planner on a desktop, phone or tablet. Maintenance of your equipment is minimal and on many occasions is handled by Damien free of charge as this is part of the franchise package. We have three places to fill your van with pure water which have access 24 hours a day or you may decide to loan the equipment from us so you can make your own pure water at your home address. 

How Much Does It Cost?

We have various levels of investment ranging from £5000 up to £15,000 and is solely dependent on how much you want to earn and how quickly you want to do it. A typical fee is around £10,000 and includes everything you will need to run your window cleaning franchise. The only additional purchase will be a suitable van which must be white and be a maximum of 5 years old. The franchise fee includes the following but is not limited to;


  • Full training on how to use a water fed pole system and training on traditional window cleaning which might be required for the odd inside clean.

  • Your own dedicated window cleaner planner with full onsite training by us with the back up of the company if you should need it. 

  • State of the art crash tested system with industry leading electric reel and various brush heads, pole extensions and spares.

  • Lgb Vision uniform consisting of 5 polo shirts, two jumpers, hi viz, 2 pairs of trousers and a coat of your choice with our branding. 

  • Vehicle wrapped in our exclusive livery and matching stationary.

  • Advertising, review platforms, SEO and website managed by ourselves with no additional cost.

  • Phone support and weekly meet ups to ensure you're on the right road to success. 

  Want To Know More?

We have a dedicated window cleaning franchise website which is all out Lgb Vision Window Cleaning and how you can be part of it! Simply click this link and make a cup of tea and read through on how you can change your life forever. The website does need updating about our success but simply put we've been too busy with our current franchisees to update our website to sign up more! We believe in providing a local Window cleaning franchise in one area and not dotted about all over the UK so at present we only have opportunities in Bedfordshire and we cannot see this changing any time soon!